Be unique and contemporary

Customer needs

Also in this case the dimensions of the villa, we are talking about 1300 square meters, were a relevant element, moreover, a particular request was the design and installation of custom-made furniture and everything that is the replacement.

  • Year: 2016
  • Project number: 9006
  • Owner: Private villa
  • Typology: Private
  • Place: Moscow
  • Size: 1300 square meters

Our solution

We have taken care of the design down to the smallest detail and in particular, we have supplied custom-made furniture, marble, parquet and stairs, paying close attention to precise measurements. To do this, our craftsmen went to the place several times and up to the complete installation. In this way, in addition to respecting the accuracy of the work, they were also able to supervise everything.


The project

The villa has two halls. The first hall has a circular shape and has three doors that allow access to the area reserved for guests, to the area reserved for the owners and finally, a door that leads to the second hall. Here we find a floor with concentric lines as if to recreate the movement of the pond water when it is moved by throwing a stone into it. On the ground floor there are two very particular and technically very daring elements: the fireplace and the handrail of the stairs. The fireplace is totally sculpted and has mammoth dimensions: it is over 2 meters high and almost 4 meters wide. The balustrade of the staircase is completely made of iron, with handrails and details in steel with a satin finish, all without visible welding. Technically it was quite complex to bend the square section steel in three dimensions to follow the trend of the staircase.


An impeccable result also given the enormous technical difficulties both for the measurements and for the construction of the staircase. The staircase has long been appreciated.