Like a museum

Customer needs

A specific and very particular request for this private apartment in the center of Moscow: to create a house museum where you can place and enhance the countless art objects owned by the owner and at the same time make the apartment functional and livable.

  • Year 2012
  • Project number: 8032
  • Owner: Private
  • Typology: Private
  • Location: Center of Moscow
  • Size: 269 sqm

Our solution

We decided to recreate a suggestive atmosphere like inside an art gallery. Atmosphere capable of taking a dip in the past and providing a real traditional historical path. We used copies of bas-reliefs from the Parthenon and placed an art object in every room of the house in order to create a path and a thematic thread. Then, we dedicated ourselves to the particular plan of the apartment characterized by two symmetrically very different areas of the house.


The project

The apartment is divided into two distinct areas. The living area is developed diagonally with respect to the sleeping area and in the center, there is a circular space where a fresco was created. Inside this space, hidden by a sliding wall, is the guest toilet. In the sleeping area, however, the part that leads to the private bathroom is very interesting. Here, with a plasterboard partition, we have created two wardrobe corridors: one for women and the other for men.


A house museum where you can exhibit the various works of art. The house, enhanced by bas-reliefs and frescoes in an austere context but rich in elements, becomes an expression of quality and luxury. A long and satisfying job for us and a result much appreciated by the owner who decided to subsequently entrust us with a new project.