Like precious stones

Customer needs

Four apartments inside the ST.Regis residential complex in Miami Beach: three apartments inside the north wing of the building while the fourth is a penthouse located in the central part of the residence.

The most important request from the customer was the desire to bring out a specific personality for each of the apartments and at the same time, the need to be able to distinguish them from each other. All this to facilitate the sale of the apartments.
Our goal was to create a modern style by creating continuity between the interiors and the exteriors characterized by a wonderful panorama with a direct view of the ocean.

  • Year: 2013
  • Project number: 5021 - 10/18/20 - 5023
  • Owner: Regis Hotel
  • Typology: Commercial
  • Location: Miami Beach - FL USA
  • Size: 315 sqm

Our solution

To respond simultaneously to all customer needs, we have created a new design identity and new spaces for action based on the identification of a guiding theme: precious stones. We have chosen a stone for each apartment, giving it the corresponding name and drawing inspiration for the interior style. Furthermore, we have revolutionized the division of interior spaces.


The project

Emerald, Amber, Ruby and Diamond are the names chosen for the apartments. An open space area was created in the three apartments in the north area by eliminating the central walls in order to enhance the external view initially obstructed by the walls that enclosed the kitchen. Two distinct sleeping areas have been created. The area dedicated to the inhabitants of the house and the exclusive one for guests, a particular care to create a clear distinction and to protect privacy. The master bedroom area allows access to two terraces and has two separate wardrobes.
The Diamante apartment, on the other hand, is characterized by objects and shades of color that recall the precious stone and by a particular solution for accessing the sleeping area. In fact, to enter the bedroom, you cross the wardrobe area characterized by mirrored doors that create particular plays of reflections. At the end of the corridor there are two side doors that lead respectively to the bathroom made of white Carrara marble and black Marquinia marble and to the bedroom furnished with warm and welcoming tones.


All our client's expectations were met. The three apartments in the north area were sold with the entire furniture and no particular modification was required while the Penthouse apartment remained the property of our client who was no longer able to part with it.