Mirror games

Customer needs

With this project, the customer's request could not raise any kind of doubt: to create the apartment by interpreting the classic Russian style in every detail and corner of the house, even if in French soil.

  • Year: 2014
  • Project number: 8056
  • Owner: Private apartment
  • Typology: Private
  • Location: Montecarlo France
  • Size: 183 square meters

Our solution

The classic style of furniture of Russia is characterized by luxurious and refined environments, rich in late Baroque elements and precious materials. To satisfy the request and at the same time to fully represent the classic style of Russia, we tried above all to create an environment that was not particularly heavy given the constraints due to the nature of the apartment itself. To achieve this, we used gold colors, clear crystals and marbles and we used many mirrors in the corridors and then, in the wardrobe to make the environment not only larger but also much lighter and more pleasant.


The project

The apartment is characterized by the colors of gold, crystals and light marble and by mirrors able to expand the rooms by giving depth and preventing the not particularly high ceiling from conferring heaviness. Mirrors were the dominant elements in our choice. The living area, very large, has as its dominant element the sofa placed in a horseshoe and divided into five modules of almost 2 meters each with over ten seats.


We have respected the elegance and luxury of the most traditional Russian style of furniture with lightness and originality. A long design and construction work that has found full recognition by the customer and of course, great satisfaction in our work team.