A dream begins from the project.

It all begins with a desire that goes through 7 phases and becomes reality.


The first meeting with the client is together curiosity, instinct and experience. Curiosity allows us to understand the type of furniture required, instinct to interpret the customer's wishes. Experience, on the other hand, allows us to identify an idea that the customer very often fails to express in practice. This is an essential phase, from which the dream comes to life!

The proposal

On the basis of the guidelines we present our proposal to the client and if approved it allows us to proceed up to the realization.

Project development

This phase is the longest because it consists in developing the project through the use of plans and elevations and never in a single solution. In this phase, the material to be used and any standard furniture is identified.

The comparison

After developing the project on paper and the related samples, it is time to choose the materials and colors. After this meeting, the client has plenty of time to make his or her evaluations.

It is made to measure

When the project has been approved in every single detail, the environments begin to be created. It starts from the rough or from any demolitions up to the custom-made furniture, in order to give the customer the house to live in right away.

The standard furniture

Simultaneously with the fifth phase, the previously selected standard furniture is ordered together or on behalf of the customer. The standard furniture is placed only after the custom-made furniture and are made by our craftsmen in the carpentry!

Delivery of the keys

Everything is perfect and ready to live in!

After the final touches we have come to the conclusion of our long work and we are ready to deliver the keys to a dream that has just been realized as it was thought, told and imagined.
The project ends but not our work. We are always available to assist our customer even after the project has been completed.